Through a Mirror Darkly

The story so far.

Part One: There and back and then back there again.

In the beginning there was Kenny.
And Kenny was the DM.
He gathered about him several other people. He led them through many adventures in a world of his own design.

And then he killed them.

Like, we’re talking a TPK – Total Party Wipeout.
You see, he pitted the party against a Lich, just to see what they would do.
Since they were first level, the answer is, not a whole hell of a lot.

But then they all came back, when he promised them something “unique and different and a totally new experience.”

Which, to be fair to Kenny, it was.

They ended up getting transported into another world. A world of Dungeons. And Dragons. And, well, you know the rest.

Originally, they were just supposed to retrieve the Book of the Worlds. They followed the clues, and found the book, but didn’t get it.

Then, somehow, they ended up back in Arkham. In a museum. That had just been robbed.
And ancient book lie on the floor in front of them next to the shattered display case, but nobody thought to grab it. Instead, they, well, most of them, ended up getting arrested by the police.

They were rescued, for very vague meanings of a word rescued, by a lawyer named Phil who claimed to work for Kenny and was paid in gold coins. He sent them back to Torlindl.



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