Through a Mirror Darkly

The story so far ....

Part Four: Six out of Tenn.

The head paladin, less than delighted at their news that Karrakashaniil had become a guardian spirit, and with no explanation as to why, nonetheless kept true to his word and gave them what he’d promised. He arranged passage for them on an airship heading inland to the east.

After a bit more searching, they found the airship docks, and discovered the ship they were to board was the luxury liner “Fury of Lund”, under Captain Kassata Lewynn. Among the other passengers were a family of dwarves who Obon befriended and an elven wizard who they tried, but failed, to rob.

They also discovered two of the party had been aboard the airship for some time, after being shanghaied in Aklatl.

They also met a Halfling who went by the name of Fesh. He claimed to be working for Sit Tuck, brewmeister of Ta’an, the King of Klave. His mission was to destroy the shipment of masterwork weapons in the airships cargo hold. They defeated the halfling, but decided to fulfill his mission for him, after helping themselves to a few choice items. Then they threw him out a window. (But only after giving him back his ring of feather falling, though there was some debate on that point.)

The weapons, they soon learned, were commissioned by a young halfelf (or possibly someone she worked for or with), who was unhappy about the condition they were in. They apparently were meant for “The Gryphon” – whoever or whatever that was. Although Ella tried to follow her, he failed as she disappeared into the forest nearby.



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