Through a Mirror Darkly

Unanswered Questions

What are Corelis the bandit leader’s true motives?
Why does King Ta’an want the Book of the Worlds? What does he plan to do with it?
What about the Ring of Annanile? Does Yisha, the Necromancer Queen, truly have it? And What does it do?
What about Professor Kingsley? Does he know Kenny? Are they working together? Or at odds?
Why did Kingsley steal the only known original copy of the Voynich Manuscript from the Miskatonic Library?
Why do the Arkham Police think our intrepid heroes are terrorists and why do they believe they stole the Ring of The Nile from the Egyptian Exhibit of the Miskatonic Museum of Natural and Cultural History?
Will the Arkham police be able to follow the trail of property damage, stolen vehicle, atm and credit card usage, internet access, and appearances on numerous security cameras?
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Many moons later
Catching up after some time

Much later….

Leaving the East, they journeyed back to the West. Back to the City of Pendwy. Back to the Island of Penum.
Where they discovered one of the two dragons that had attacked the city. Dead, in an ancient abandoned manor.
And where they also discovered, beneath a goblin stronghold beneath the wine cellar, beneath the watery depths of the Bay of Pendwy, a long stairway, leading down to a Drow City.

But before they get that far, they first discover a madman, who seemed to have come from their own world. Dressed in a suit, carrying a gun, and raving maniacally about a “Professor Kingsley” who had opened a portal in the basement of the Miskatonic Library.

Deciding they need to get to the book in the Drow City, our Intrepid Heroes enlist the help of a band of laborers, who they plan to lure to the island and then capture and sell to the Drow.

The plan works, after a few hiccups, and they gain access to the drow city. Where they learn that a human by the name of Kingsley has already taken the book and fled deeper into the Underdark with it.

They also learn that King Ta’an, of the southern kingdom on the Surface World has been working with the Drow in a bid to take over the entire world. His plan in doing so is to unite it against a greater threat: Illithid, the dread Mind Flayers, arising from the depths of the Underdark.

Some time later, they find themselves back on Earth, in Kenny’s Apartment. It has been empty for months, but the police tape across the front of it is still there, tacked to the door frame outside the place.

They find his hard drive, and go back to a dorm room to read it. When they boot it up, they are greeted with a “continue download” button, which they click, and are dismayed to see the timer saying 18 hours estimated remaining.

Poking around on the hard drive, though, they find Kenny’s notes about the ritual that sent them to Torlindl in the first place,

They also find some notes that had implications many of them would rather not think about. Theories about the meaning of it all abounded, ranging from the ludicrous to the merely absurd.

They also found notes about another game Kenny had talked about, “Saga of the Space Marines” to which the response was a nearly unanimous “No Fucking Way are we doing that.”

Renting a small storage unit, pre-paying for six months in an attempt to ensure they are not disturbed, they again gather round, and prepare the ritual, after deciding they all deserve a raise in experience, up to level three.

They write out the opening, treating it as something potentially dangerous as a First Edition Wish spell (which, with their knowledge of Kenny, is not unfounded) and prepare to drink the Mountain Dew, set up their Marching Order, and project, travel, or otherwise move, back to Torlindl…

To Piell and Beyond!

The dragon breathes its icy breath across the surface of the ship, and everyone is chilled by the effect.

Almost half the crew are stricken dead immediately, and none of our heroes, save those below decks were unscathed. The deck was coated in ice and the paladin slipped and fell over the edge and was swallowed up in the clouds below.

At last, alchemists’ fire was deployed, and the dragon, wounded and burnt, dove down through the clouds presumably seeking the water of the Great River below.

The ship itself managed to hide within the clouds for a while before emerging once again, with no sight of the dragon.

From there, they pressed on to Piell Under the Falls. The airship stopped short, at one of the recently restored Royal Inns. The Captain refused to go farther and nobody demanded an explanation.

Not wanting to pay the innkeeper’s steep fees, the party left immediately on foot towards the town of Piell. While they found many people willing to sell them maps through the underdark, or guides to the passes or wizards willing to try a teleport for sufficient (i.e., significantly more than they had) cash, they could find nobody both credible and affordable.

They left the city under the falls to try their luck in the town of Vir, within the kingdom of Briischin.

Throughout their three-day trek north, they found signs of the growing military presence everywhere. Platoons of Queen Briischin’s soldiers marched through the snow, and patrolling the town.

They managed nonetheless to purchase a map showing most of an old trade route, a pass through the mountains to the kingdom of Roldar, where Yisha the Necromancer Queen rules. Near the beginning of their journey, though, they found a group of bandits hiding in the foothills.

They managed to defeat the first ones found, killing some, bribing away another, and scaring away a hostage who was sent out to warn them off before finally confronting the bandit leader, who they easily convinced of their might.

Interestingly, he had heard of Earth (though did not seem to speak English), and the prisoner they had chased off may have been from there. And he knew of the Book of the Worlds, as emissaries of Queen Yisha had asked him about it previously, but he wanted no part in such high politics or powerful evil magic, so he told the party what he knew and bade them farewell.

They turn their attention now back to the West, where the book supposedly is being kept on the Island of P’numm in the great Free City of Pendwy.

And now...

Leaving the city of Tenn behind them, our heroes take again to the air.

Only to be awakened, a day out, by an attack by a flying ice-breathing white dragon.

It’s second pass, it coats the deck with a thin layer of ice and kills half the crew with a single breath.

And now, it has whirled around and is coming in for a third attack…

The story so far ....
Part Four: Six out of Tenn.

The head paladin, less than delighted at their news that Karrakashaniil had become a guardian spirit, and with no explanation as to why, nonetheless kept true to his word and gave them what he’d promised. He arranged passage for them on an airship heading inland to the east.

After a bit more searching, they found the airship docks, and discovered the ship they were to board was the luxury liner “Fury of Lund”, under Captain Kassata Lewynn. Among the other passengers were a family of dwarves who Obon befriended and an elven wizard who they tried, but failed, to rob.

They also discovered two of the party had been aboard the airship for some time, after being shanghaied in Aklatl.

They also met a Halfling who went by the name of Fesh. He claimed to be working for Sit Tuck, brewmeister of Ta’an, the King of Klave. His mission was to destroy the shipment of masterwork weapons in the airships cargo hold. They defeated the halfling, but decided to fulfill his mission for him, after helping themselves to a few choice items. Then they threw him out a window. (But only after giving him back his ring of feather falling, though there was some debate on that point.)

The weapons, they soon learned, were commissioned by a young halfelf (or possibly someone she worked for or with), who was unhappy about the condition they were in. They apparently were meant for “The Gryphon” – whoever or whatever that was. Although Ella tried to follow her, he failed as she disappeared into the forest nearby.

The story so far..
Part Three: Ghost in the hall

They are called into the city by the head of the Paladin’s Guild, surprising the guards, as they are letting very few people in through the gates.

Passing by the lines of refugees and other assorted would-be immigrants, they enter the gates into the great city of Pendwy. They’re led far to the west, past small houses, then shops and other businesses, around the central hill that houses most of the government offices, through the Great Plaza at its southern base, past sparser noble estates, then south, up the hills to Temple Row. They are lead right up to the stunning huge temple of Iomedae. Then past it to a smaller stone-and-wood building where the headquarters of the Paladin’s Guild can be found.

They turn their prisoner, the pirate captain, over to the guild, and are set on a quest: find out what happened to Karrakashaniil, a dwarven paladin who had gone missing a few days before while visiting a nobleman’s estate.

Following a network of bridges from island to island they arrive at said nobleman’s estate only to find it long abandoned.

They break in, and create the usual mayhem, including ripping down the entire stairway in the front room. They decide since the place is obviously long deserted by all but ghosts this would be a good time to split the party up.

After some fun with the resident ghosts, the party regroups and heads to the basement., through a sealed door covered in runes. They are unable to decipher them, but gather it has something to do with the planes. Some kind of barrier spell, then, they decide as they go through it.

In the lower levels, past the sacrificed child of the noble family, and the ghosts of several servants, they find the find the ghost of Karrakashaniil, who warns them not to go through the final sealed door. So they don’t.

The story so far
Part Two: The Long Tail of Two Cities

Upon arriving in Torlindl again, the Players, once again in the bodies of their characters, but having gained a level, were told that the Book of the Worlds is now on Teomak, a small island in the Bay of Pendwy.

They headed South toward the great city and get as far as Aklatl, a small city carved into the cliffs on the south side of the Great River.

There they have some fun and misadventures, including meeting an orc who tried to kill them, and a half-orc who decided to join them.

They book passage with a smuggler, and end up turning pirate. They capture a pirate ship, and slay all of its crew, taking the captain prisoner.

They sail the rest of the way to Pendwy without much incident. The captain, now admiral, tells them that they are welcome aboard his ship any time.

They find a long line of refugees and other riff-raff outside the walls of Pendwy. They again get into trouble with some local thugs – in this case a small band of orcs who were preying on the refugees. Their leader’s head is now a souvenir, but the band is no more.

They are summoned into the city by the head of the Paladin’s Guild.

The story so far.
Part One: There and back and then back there again.

In the beginning there was Kenny.
And Kenny was the DM.
He gathered about him several other people. He led them through many adventures in a world of his own design.

And then he killed them.

Like, we’re talking a TPK – Total Party Wipeout.
You see, he pitted the party against a Lich, just to see what they would do.
Since they were first level, the answer is, not a whole hell of a lot.

But then they all came back, when he promised them something “unique and different and a totally new experience.”

Which, to be fair to Kenny, it was.

They ended up getting transported into another world. A world of Dungeons. And Dragons. And, well, you know the rest.

Originally, they were just supposed to retrieve the Book of the Worlds. They followed the clues, and found the book, but didn’t get it.

Then, somehow, they ended up back in Arkham. In a museum. That had just been robbed.
And ancient book lie on the floor in front of them next to the shattered display case, but nobody thought to grab it. Instead, they, well, most of them, ended up getting arrested by the police.

They were rescued, for very vague meanings of a word rescued, by a lawyer named Phil who claimed to work for Kenny and was paid in gold coins. He sent them back to Torlindl.


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