Through a Mirror Darkly

Many moons later

Catching up after some time

Much later….

Leaving the East, they journeyed back to the West. Back to the City of Pendwy. Back to the Island of Penum.
Where they discovered one of the two dragons that had attacked the city. Dead, in an ancient abandoned manor.
And where they also discovered, beneath a goblin stronghold beneath the wine cellar, beneath the watery depths of the Bay of Pendwy, a long stairway, leading down to a Drow City.

But before they get that far, they first discover a madman, who seemed to have come from their own world. Dressed in a suit, carrying a gun, and raving maniacally about a “Professor Kingsley” who had opened a portal in the basement of the Miskatonic Library.

Deciding they need to get to the book in the Drow City, our Intrepid Heroes enlist the help of a band of laborers, who they plan to lure to the island and then capture and sell to the Drow.

The plan works, after a few hiccups, and they gain access to the drow city. Where they learn that a human by the name of Kingsley has already taken the book and fled deeper into the Underdark with it.

They also learn that King Ta’an, of the southern kingdom on the Surface World has been working with the Drow in a bid to take over the entire world. His plan in doing so is to unite it against a greater threat: Illithid, the dread Mind Flayers, arising from the depths of the Underdark.

Some time later, they find themselves back on Earth, in Kenny’s Apartment. It has been empty for months, but the police tape across the front of it is still there, tacked to the door frame outside the place.

They find his hard drive, and go back to a dorm room to read it. When they boot it up, they are greeted with a “continue download” button, which they click, and are dismayed to see the timer saying 18 hours estimated remaining.

Poking around on the hard drive, though, they find Kenny’s notes about the ritual that sent them to Torlindl in the first place,

They also find some notes that had implications many of them would rather not think about. Theories about the meaning of it all abounded, ranging from the ludicrous to the merely absurd.

They also found notes about another game Kenny had talked about, “Saga of the Space Marines” to which the response was a nearly unanimous “No Fucking Way are we doing that.”

Renting a small storage unit, pre-paying for six months in an attempt to ensure they are not disturbed, they again gather round, and prepare the ritual, after deciding they all deserve a raise in experience, up to level three.

They write out the opening, treating it as something potentially dangerous as a First Edition Wish spell (which, with their knowledge of Kenny, is not unfounded) and prepare to drink the Mountain Dew, set up their Marching Order, and project, travel, or otherwise move, back to Torlindl…



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