Through a Mirror Darkly

The story so far

Part Two: The Long Tail of Two Cities

Upon arriving in Torlindl again, the Players, once again in the bodies of their characters, but having gained a level, were told that the Book of the Worlds is now on Teomak, a small island in the Bay of Pendwy.

They headed South toward the great city and get as far as Aklatl, a small city carved into the cliffs on the south side of the Great River.

There they have some fun and misadventures, including meeting an orc who tried to kill them, and a half-orc who decided to join them.

They book passage with a smuggler, and end up turning pirate. They capture a pirate ship, and slay all of its crew, taking the captain prisoner.

They sail the rest of the way to Pendwy without much incident. The captain, now admiral, tells them that they are welcome aboard his ship any time.

They find a long line of refugees and other riff-raff outside the walls of Pendwy. They again get into trouble with some local thugs – in this case a small band of orcs who were preying on the refugees. Their leader’s head is now a souvenir, but the band is no more.

They are summoned into the city by the head of the Paladin’s Guild.



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