Through a Mirror Darkly

The story so far..

Part Three: Ghost in the hall

They are called into the city by the head of the Paladin’s Guild, surprising the guards, as they are letting very few people in through the gates.

Passing by the lines of refugees and other assorted would-be immigrants, they enter the gates into the great city of Pendwy. They’re led far to the west, past small houses, then shops and other businesses, around the central hill that houses most of the government offices, through the Great Plaza at its southern base, past sparser noble estates, then south, up the hills to Temple Row. They are lead right up to the stunning huge temple of Iomedae. Then past it to a smaller stone-and-wood building where the headquarters of the Paladin’s Guild can be found.

They turn their prisoner, the pirate captain, over to the guild, and are set on a quest: find out what happened to Karrakashaniil, a dwarven paladin who had gone missing a few days before while visiting a nobleman’s estate.

Following a network of bridges from island to island they arrive at said nobleman’s estate only to find it long abandoned.

They break in, and create the usual mayhem, including ripping down the entire stairway in the front room. They decide since the place is obviously long deserted by all but ghosts this would be a good time to split the party up.

After some fun with the resident ghosts, the party regroups and heads to the basement., through a sealed door covered in runes. They are unable to decipher them, but gather it has something to do with the planes. Some kind of barrier spell, then, they decide as they go through it.

In the lower levels, past the sacrificed child of the noble family, and the ghosts of several servants, they find the find the ghost of Karrakashaniil, who warns them not to go through the final sealed door. So they don’t.



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