Through a Mirror Darkly

Unanswered Questions

What are Corelis the bandit leader’s true motives?
Why does King Ta’an want the Book of the Worlds? What does he plan to do with it?
What about the Ring of Annanile? Does Yisha, the Necromancer Queen, truly have it? And What does it do?
What about Professor Kingsley? Does he know Kenny? Are they working together? Or at odds?
Why did Kingsley steal the only known original copy of the Voynich Manuscript from the Miskatonic Library?
Why do the Arkham Police think our intrepid heroes are terrorists and why do they believe they stole the Ring of The Nile from the Egyptian Exhibit of the Miskatonic Museum of Natural and Cultural History?
Will the Arkham police be able to follow the trail of property damage, stolen vehicle, atm and credit card usage, internet access, and appearances on numerous security cameras?
Tune in Next Week. Same Pat Time! Same Pat Channel!



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